Behind The Brand: Girly Bits

We went behind the scenes with Pam from Girly Bits to find out how she overcame the woes of only having 20 fingers and toes to paint to run a prominent indie brand.

girly bits workshopTell us about your brand’s backstory

Girly Bits began as a blog actually. It was a place for me to share my obsession love for all things girly, specifically nail polish. It was there that I began sharing some of my ‘franken’ polishes, which were custom blends of mainstream polishes that I owned, and my blog readers loved them!

I fell fast and hard for the pure creative process, and soon found myself searching for the raw ingredients to customize my blends even more. The trial and error period of learning which ingredients worked in nail polish, and which ones were a massive fail only intensified my new obsession and soon I had an impressive collection of custom polishes, and only 20 fingers and toes.

With a growing stash of raw ingredients and an undying love for creating and sharing my hand blended polishes, I saw a great opportunity to make everything from scratch, and turn it into a legit business.

And thus, Girly Bits Cosmetics was born in September of 2011.

What is your brand best known for?

I think over the years we have come to be well known for consistently great formulas, and stellar customer service. I tweak my formulas a LOT before release, to get them just right. We’re also known for a finish that I call ‘Shimmolo’ which is a blend of shimmer and holo. That particular finish is seen a little more often from other brands now, but when I first started doing them most brands were doing glitter crellies or straight up linear holos. Our most popular series of polishes is without a doubt the What Happens in Vegas, Ends up on…… which is a limited edition single batch polish released just once a year in August, and each year the name is inspired by a different social media platform. The first year was What Happens in Vegas, Ends up on Facebook. In 2016 we released What Happens in Vegas, Ends up on Twitter, which was the 4th and most popular in the series so far.

girly bits stall

What inspires you?

I am inspired by so many things, and it comes so organically. I think most consistently, I am inspired by actual events and experiences in my personal life. Music, vacations, relationships, humourous moments. There is a pretty solid connection between my personal experiences and my creative process.

What are your 3 favourite polishes that you’ve created, and why?

Oh goodness, that is like asking me to pick a favourite child! Can I pick a category? =)

Over the years we have created custom polishes with a portion of the proceeds (or in several cases 100% of the proceeds) being donated to a deserving recipient. I truly feel that part of my purpose in this business is to be able to give back. Aside from the fundraisers, one of my personal favourites, because of both the name and the polish, is D!ck in a Box.

What are your 3 best sellers?

A Stripper Has Been Sleeping in my Bed. Get Weaponised. D!ck in a Box.

S Stripper

A Stripper Has Been Sleeping in my Bed swatched by Chalkboard Nails.

Favourite part of your job?

As cliché as it is, the pure creative process is WAY up there on the list. I also feel very very blessed for the opportunities that this business has presented me for learning, traveling, meeting people, and for giving back.

How do you want you/your brand to be remembered?

I’d like my brand to be remembered as one of the earliest and most long lived Indie polish brands. I’d also like to be remembered as a fearless mom, who raised three incredible and unique daughters.


And now, the fun bits…

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

In my fridge… yikes. That can be a no man’s land sometimes. Currently- left over sushi from last night, Vanilla Chai soy protein drink, 10 million bottles of condiments, mini carrots for my pup,  left over pasta alfredo from two nights ago, romaine lettuce, coffee cream, eggs, cheese, a partial bottle of wine, and probably some food that my youngest daughter brought home from her culinary program in college.

If you were written about in the newspaper, what would the headline say?

Canadian entrepreneur works 80 hours a week so she doesn’t have to work 40 hours a week.

What is your favourite thing to spend money on?

Travel. Makeup. New supplies to make polish.

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