Behind The Brand: Celestial Cosmetics

We had a chat with Nicki and Neville from Celestial Cosmetics to get the all the goss on their out-of-this-world polishes.

Tell us about your brand’s backstory

cdelestialI discovered indies in 2012.  Every time I bought polish I would think, what if this or that was added, what would it look like, which led me to falling down the rabbit hole (as Neville calls it) of buying supplies.  I started playing around mid-year and by December 2012 / January 2013 I decided I wanted to sell my creations. Here is where the long process started of deciding on a business name.  We originally decided on Luna Lacquer, but then a local girl started selling by the name of Loony Lacquer so we changed to Celestial Cosmetics.  The name is a “loose” link to our surname and the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong.  We finally launched on 25 April 2013 (ANZAC Day) and chose this date as we had recently become Australian Citizens.


What is your brand best known for?

I believe we are best known for our excellent customer service along with outstanding holos.  Men of Mayhem from our Sons of Anarchy collection is still searched for today along with Mother of Dragons from our Seven Kingdoms collection.

What inspires you?

Anything and everything.  I can see a car drive past and think “oh that would make an awesome polish” or a TV series.  I truly believe I see a polish in nearly everything around me.

cdelestial 2

What are your 3 favourite polishes that you’ve created, and why?

I love all my polishes but I think the standouts for me are Celestial Night (my very first creation that I decided to sell), Reaper Crew (Sons of Anarchy collection) based on my favourite TV show and England’s Rose (I made this polish in honour of my mom who passed away from pancreatic cancer. She was a true English lady named Rose, and also the Elton John song for Lady Diana which my mom loved).

What are your 3 best sellers?

Men of Mayhem, Callisto & Farting Rainbows.

cdelestial 1

Favourite part of your job?

The creating process is my favourite part of the job by far, followed closely by customer interaction. I have made so many great friends through Celestial.

How do you want you/your brand to be remembered?

I would love Celestial to be remembered as being a “fun” brand and I think our latest collection finally shows that side of me.


And now, the fun bits…


If you joined the circus, what would you perform?


You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

A darkened aqua colour because I could stare at the ocean all day.

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

IMG_8802aLast week we had a power cut and I told Neville to kill me first because I would never survive. But thinking more about it, first round up friends and family.  Then I would hijack a battleship (it must have a helicopter, just because it is the only way I could ever own one) and an oil tanker (for fuel).  Once these are secured, load up on supplies.  First stop would be the local police station to get some weapons, because we all know you will get nowhere without some self defense.  Once all the supplies are loaded aboard the ships, head off to a secluded island in the middle of nowhere.  Zombies are not well known for being the best swimmers, so as long as we clear the island, and no one dies or gets sick in the group, we should be fairly safe.  I always thought the idea of living “off grid” could be amazing, but never had the guts or inclination to try it, so this would be the perfect scenario to do it, and hopefully survive the zombie apocalypse (no Walking Dead from me haha).


celestial code

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4 thoughts on “Behind The Brand: Celestial Cosmetics

  1. Tanya says:

    I love this brand! Besides customer service and holos, I’m loving the duochrome shimmers from January. Android Tears and Walk of Shame are stunning!


  2. Katie B. says:

    Yay, so happy to see Celestial interviewed and featured! I love this brand. I always seem to fall in love with me the monthy LE’s and her holiday collections. 🙂 Again, awesome post!!!

    Katie B.


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