Guest Spot: Polish And Paws

17.pngHi, I’m Alinta, I love to blog about cruelty free beauty over at I have been a long-time customer and fan of Femme Fatale Cosmetics, so I was super excited when I was asked to do a guest blog post for them. Femme Fatale were kind enough to send me a range of products from a range of brands to try and review for you. I have a massive collection of indie nail polish, but I have a much smaller collection of indie cosmetics. The main brands I have purchased are Femme Fatale and Shiro (both through the Femme Fatale website) but I didn’t know which brand to try next as I wasn’t sure about the quality of the different brands. I’m happy to say that this has opened my eyes to lots of other good indie brands I can buy, and I’m definitely going to try more brands that are new to me soon.

The products I have to review today are 4 eyeshadows, a highlighter, and 3 lip products. I’ll start with the eyeshadows as I know many people are obsessed with indie shadows. I have Femme Fatale Cosmetics ‘The Masquerade’, Detrivore Cosmetics ‘Midnight’, Darling Girl Cosmetics ‘Obviously A Wig’ pigment and Medusa’s Makeup ‘Dirty” eye dust. Femme Fatale, Detrivore and Darling Girl all come with a sifter whereas Medusa’s does not.  I swatched all the eyeshadows with a basic synthetic flat shader brush and used Too Faced Glitter Glue as a base, but I plan on replacing that with an indie primer from the Femme website soon. It is freezing cold in Melbourne at the moment so my arms look a bit splotchy, please forgive me for that.


Femme Fatale Cosmetics The Masquerade is a loose mineral based eyeshadow that looks like a plain light to mid toned grey in the pan, but once swatched it turns into a gorgeous purple to grey base with very obvious pink shift. The pink shift isn’t a bright pink though, making it a very wearable colour. It can look a tad sheer if there is something obvious underneath it (like the blue vein on my arm) but I didn’t have a problem with sheerness on my eyes. You can always put a matte shadow of a similar colour underneath, but I am happy to use it by itself on the eyes. As with any loose eyeshadow, I use a stickier eye primer to reduce fall out but it’s not significant with this eyeshadow. I was actually really surprised with how this colour looks once swatched as it is so different to the pan. I love the colour so much that it is now going to sit with my pile of favourite eyeshadows.

masq and midnight.png

The Masquerade and Midnight

Detrivore Cosmetics Midnight is a navy blue loose eyeshadow in a satin finish. In most lights it looks matte in the close up photo you will see that there are ever so tiny little blue sparkles in the powder. I found this shadow to have a lot more fallout than the others I tried but I it was still relatively easy to pack on and blend out. I like this navy shade against my very pale skin, but I think it will suit all skin tones nicely.

Darling Girl Obviously A Wig pigment was the first product to catch my eye because it is a vibrant pink in the container. When swatched the magenta colour is prominent but in certain lighting you can also see a lovely blue shift. I am shy when it comes to putting vibrant shades on my eyes but how could I resist such a pretty colour. I have found that sometimes bright colours such as this can be really sheer, but that is not a problem with this eyeshadow, and the fall out isn’t too bad either.

obv a wig and dirty.png

Obviously A Wig and Dirty

Medusa’s Makeup Dirty Eye Dust is a deep brown loose mineral eye shadow. In the pan, it has quite an obvious purple shift and lots of sparkles but I found it to be mostly matte and mainly brown when I applied it. I think the sparkles and purple undertone would probably come out a lot more with the foiling application method, rather than just the standard eyeshadow application I did. The container comes without a sifter so it is quite messy to use but the product itself is quite interesting. The eyeshadow has an almost sticky feel to it (for a loose powder anyway), and when applying it there is barely any fall out at all. The eyeshadow quickly and easily adhered to the primer without any fuss at all. If you have problems with eyeshadow sticking or lasting, then I think this is a formula you should try as it is unique in my collection.

Next up is Aromaleigh Cosmetics Ostara, a loose powder highlighter. Ostara is a pale peach colour with a slight purple shift. I looked up swatches of this before I even tried it and the images showed a strong violet shift. In my swatches however, I really struggled to get the shift to show, let alone at that extreme. The first swatches I did were on bare skin, one with fingers and one with a brush. Swatched like that, it looks like a lovely subtle highlighter that I would wear on a daily basis but there was no shift I could see. Knowing it was supposed to shift, I swatched it on my hand with a base of Too Faced Glitter Glue to see if I could build it up more and get that shift. I was able to see the violet shift under daylight globes, but it was very subtle. I however, really like it that way. I think it is a gorgeous coloured highlight that sparkles in sunlight. To get the proper shift, I think it will need to be applied wet, but I haven’t tried that yet, I’m happy to use it as an everyday neutral highlighter.


Ostara (Left swatch with brush, right swatch with fingers)

Now to the lip products. One of the very last products I still need to replace with a cruelty free alternative is lip balm, I’ve tried so many items from shops, but I never even thought about looking to indie cosmetics makers to find one. Femme Fatale sent me Notoriously Morbid Night Kiss Lip Balm in Mourning In Paris. Mourning In Paris is supposed to smell like French Toast, but it doesn’t smell like that to me. I can smell a slight burnt fragrance and definitely something sweet, but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not my favourite scent but it’s also not off putting, and once on the lips, I don’t notice it at all. The lip balm is slightly on the hard side, but it still easily applies to the lips. It’s not extremely long lasting, but it does moisturise without leaving a large amount of residue. I think this will be the new lip balm that I use to keep my lips moisturised under any sort of drying lip product.


I also have two tinted lip balms, Andromeda and Lucy from Hello Waffle Cosmetics. They are full of lots of nourishing oils and waxes making them feel lovely on the lips. Andromeda is purple that leans slightly blue, I would call it a lavender colour. To begin with, Andromeda applies a bit patchy so you can’t really get an even coverage if you just want a light sheen. The patchiness does get better when more is applied, but it does take a little bit of time to get an even coat over all areas. This isn’t really my colour, I think I’m a bit too pale for it to look nice, but I’m sure it will be loved by some of you out there. Lucy is a lovely red shade, that can be applied a bit sheerer but looks best when built up. I really like this shade, it’s such a good red to apply when late and running out the door, or for a big night out. Being a balm, neither colour lasts particularly long on the lips, but after a while, they leave a stain so I didn’t need to reapply too often. The round tip can make it hard to get right into the corners of the lips, but I like to wear a similar colour liner under any lip product, so that isn’t a big problem for me. I also find that wearing lip liner helps to stop any sort of smearing out of the lip line (which happens to me occasionally). I did however wear it out without lip liner on a day when I just used a little bit of concealer and went with my natural hair, and I enjoyed it like that. I tried to take those up close lip swatches that you see around, but that was a complete fail – there must be some sort of magic involved in doing those! Instead I have a selfie of me wearing Lucy. I love the idea of hydrating lip products that also have colour, so I will be checking out the other shades in the range to see if I can find one that will pass on no makeup days.


Andromeda and Lucy

That’s everything I’ve got for you. I’m happy to have more brands on my list to buy from, and I will definitely be checking out other brands on the Femme website soon. I already have a long list of Femme Fatale Cosmetics to buy at the Aussie Indie Con, so I’m going to be broke before long with all these great indie brands around.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I’m always happy to answer. Thanks so much to Femme Fatale Cosmetics for asking me to do this, I’m very honoured.

The Femme Fatale team would like to thank Alinta so much for her time. You can read more of Alinta’s beauty reviews on her blog. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.






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