Behind The Brand: A-England

We spoke to A-England’s Adina (a charming lady of Italian blood and English heart) to discover how her background in designing for fashion, ballet and opera trained her to work hard to follow and express her inspirations.

Tell us about your brand’s backstory

Adina and Tristam.jpgA-England is an English independent brand launched in January 2011. Born to link my two passions: nail polish and my love for England where I moved in 1989.

The A-England logo, my design, is the brand’s “coat of arms”. A, my initial, above England, both in Gothic fonts topped by a crown are hints about the union to the country and symbolize the crowning of a wish, dream, fantasy. The slogan “crown your hands and feet” came naturally.


What is your brand best known for?

saint-george.jpgSaint George is the most photographed, praised and loved polish by A-England fans, and by coincidence Saint George is the patron Saint of England. The unique scatter holographic effect, so subtle and elegant, also celebrated is the current characteristic of most of our polish.

What inspires you?

Love for arts, the interest in English culture, the light, the utterly romantic weather, and the Gothic charm of England infuse each bottle of varnish hopefully for the wearer’s pleasure. Wandering around Tate Britain Museum looking at Pre-Raphaelite paintings is the start for any collection as a source of inspiration for atmosphere and colours. Whatever the project, Pre-Raphaelite paintings, a very English movement of visionaries in the Victorian era, and my other long life passions, have always been my hiding light. The painter Edward Burne-Jones especially expresses a world where beauty, peace and love only exist.

I would like to credit my cat Tristam whose energy is a source of creativity and love.


What are your 3 favourite polishes that you’ve created, and why?

mentioned painting King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid sqSaint George – a green teal that came out as if by magic and created a legend.  The Beggar Maid has got all I love in a nail polish; the right tone of grey, the mesmerising though suffuse holo effect, it represents my tribute to one of my beloved painting (pictured) and poem: King Cophetua and The Beggar Maid. King Cophetua – I favour dark, blackish colours that reveal under strong light their mysterious universe; also attributed to the cited painting and poem.


What are your 3 best sellers?

Saint George, Tristam and Sleeping Palace.


Favourite part of your job?

To know that my labour of love is shared, spreading harmony and joy.


tattoo 1.jpg


How do you want you/your brand to be remembered?

Unique for connecting nail polish and stories.

And now, the fun bits…


If you were written about in the newspaper, what would the headline say?

The Little Queen of A-England and Sir Tristam.


Tristam with orders 1.jpg


If you could time travel, would you go to the past or future?

I would like to revisit England at the time of my favourite art period: 1850 – 1899 but as a “one day tourist” only.


Finally, and this one is important, so please pay attention. What do you think cats dream about?

TO RULE THE WORLD as commanders, and to be cuddled as sweet babies.

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