Blogger Collaboration: Fashion Polish

We spoke with blogger Sam (Fashion Polish) about her love of holos, and her soon-to-be-released Femme Fatale collaboration shades.


FashionpolishTell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a thirty something city girl, born and raised in Paris, France. I have a very serious job by day and a nail polish / reading obsession by night. It doesn’t leave me with a lot of spare time so it basically all goes to my husband and kiddos. I’m a cat person and the proud owner of a 2 year old Bengal cat. I also have 2 red nose pitbulls that looove to cuddle.

When did you first become interested in polish?

It all really started in 2007. I was looking for a long lasting nail polish brand (after having unsuccessfully used drugstore brands) and stumbled upon Scrangie’s blog. It opened my eyes to a whole world of colors and finishes…


Femme Fatale Fashion Polish Bare Embellishment1.jpgWhy did you decide to become a blogger?

It wasn’t until 2010 that I got into blogging. I had started nailarting by then, first by recreating Sophie Robson and Wah Nails looks and then with a few of my own. I took the jump thanks to my husband and best friend who kept nagging me to share them with the world.

What equipment do you use to photograph your swatches?

I currently have a Canon 7D Mark II with a EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM macro lens. I also have a EF 40mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens for product shots.


Femme Fatale Fashion Polish Dusk Dazzle1.jpgWhat is your favourite part of swatching/blogging?

Definitely the friendships that I developed all around the world thanks to blogging.


What is the hardest part of swatching/blogging?

Capturing color-accurate pictures, that’s a constant struggle.


Femme Fatale Fashion Polish Shadow Radiance1.jpgWhat type of polishes are your favourite to swatch?

Holos! Nothing beats a strong linear holo flame under direct sunlight in my eyes.

What inspired your 3 collaboration shades?

I wanted to express the complexity of nature (and by extension in human nature) and how it is possible to find love and beauty in the most unexpected places. The Oxymora trio reflects the contradiction in us and around us. How brilliance can be found in darkness or sophistication in simplicity. I fell in love with the prototypes that Sophie created for Shadow Radiance, Dusk Dazzle and Bare Embellishments and I really hope that you will too.

brush collage



Bare Embellishments

A stunning neutral beige with slight grey undertones, scattered holographic particles, small platinum flakes and fine holographic microglitter.

Dusk Dazzle

A velvety warm purple crelly base with soft copperish glow, scattered holographic flakes and holographic particles.

Shadow Radiance

A soft grey base with strong warm tones that lean it to having a hint of brown, red glow, scattered holographic particles, iridescent microglitters and a gorgeous layer of red-green shifting iridescent flakes.



Sam’s Oxymora Trio will be available from the Femme Fatale website at 9am AEST August 1st, until 9am AEST August 5th. These shades will be available for ONE presale only and won’t make a comeback in later presale periods. Each shade retails for $14.85 AUD (inc. GST), or grab the trio for $44.55 (inc. GST). These shades will also be available from stockists at a later date.




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