Behind The Brand: Cupcake Polish

We had a chat with Sara from Cupcake Polish about her obsession with Amazon shopping and her hot, hot holos…

31175675_10210361509264456_1167983114_n.jpgTell us about your brand’s backstory

Cupcake Polish started in 2013 as a creative outlet for me after I graduated college- I had a bit more free time on my hands at the time and was obsessed with indie brand pioneers like Different Dimension, HARE Polish, Serum No. 5, etc.  I have always been a big nail polish lover – I used to sneak into my mom’s room as a kid to use her massive OPI collection but my nail polish obsession really started during the boom of Instagram and nail blogs in 2011-2012.  I was painting my nails nearly every day and wanted to make my own colors because I had so many ideas in my head that just weren’t available in the market at the time.


What is your brand best known for?

Cupcake Polish came on to the scene hot because of one of our first collections of super linear holographic polish in very bright, fun colors. We have been a leader in the holo polish category ever since but have also ventured into creating special effect polishes of all kinds!  I really strive to create polishes that you wouldn’t be able to find in a drugstore.


cupcake 2What inspires you?

I am inspired by SO many things- mostly by nature and pop culture.  I am fascinated by the world around me and love to work my love of travel and history into the polishes I create.  I have been inspired by everything from European queens to fish that I’ve seen while snorkeling!

What are your 3 favourite polishes that you’ve created, and why?

It honestly changes with each collection – I always say that I wouldn’t release it if I didn’t love it haha!  Current faves are Oh Ship!, Crazy Mod Love, and Blood Hound.


Blood HoundWhat are your 3 best sellers?

Berry Good Looking and Blood Hound are two polishes that have gone viral for us and they are must haves!  We also still sell many bottles of Chicago – which was from one of our very first holographic collections.


Favourite part of your job?

I truly love having a job that allows me to be flexible and in charge of my own schedule.  Truthfully, I probably work more now than I would at any “normal” job but it hardly ever feels like work because I enjoy it so much.  I really enjoy the creative process and luckily that is one of my primary functions but I also find a lot of joy in the secondary things like marketing, order processing, and even the bookkeeping (I was an accountant in a former life haha!)


How do you want you/your brand to be remembered?

I hope my brand will be remembered for bringing lots of fun, bright colors into the world and onto many nails!   There are many things to worry about in the world today but hopefully my products can bring a little ray of sunshine into my customer’s lives.


cupcake 1.5.png


And now, the fun bits…


If your life was a movie title, what would it be?

Queen of Amazon (Prime) – haha I am the biggest Amazon shopper!  My mailman probably thinks I’m nuts!


Queen-Frostine.pngYou’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

Kelly Green – because it’s my favorite color and because it’s bright and cheery but also calming at the same time.


A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

Hahaha I have no idea why he is here but I hope he will stay to party!


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Cover image courtesy of manicuredandmarvelous

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