Guest Spot: Working With Monolids

So, Anthea from Femme Fatale asked me if I would like to try a bunch of products, and since I’m a huge fan of the brand already, obviously I said yes. This is what I got…


There’s one additional lipstick, Hello Waffle’s Millie, which isn’t featured because it’s currently doing a disappearing act. I know it’s in my apartment somewhere…

Anyway, this review is going to be a bit different since there’s a huge mix of products. I’ll just review each item one by one…

First, here’s a look using all the makeup products:








Detrivore – Belladonna
As you can see from the swatches, there are hints of sparkle on it. When you apply it though, most of the sparkles disappear. Even with a glitter glue, you have to work hard to keep the sparkle on. As a result, it’s just an annoying shade. Like it’s gorgeous, but it’s neither truly matte, nor glittery. It’s just stupidly in between. As a matte formula, it’s great. It’s relatively blendable for a purple (like most purples, you need to work hard at making sure it doesn’t streak), so I really like it. But then there’s the little flecks of shimmer that will get caught here and there, ruining the matte look. I don’t know why Detrivore won’t just make it a true matte. It’s way better that way.

Femme Fatale – Land of Tea Parties
Ok. We all already know that Femme Fatale are awesome at duochromes and I raved about them in my last reviews. Of course this is awesome. I mean, it’s so blendable and smooth, the duochrome shows up strong over primer alone. I have nothing but raves for Femme Fatale –they’re usually sure bets.

Shiro – Fire Rainbow Clouds
This is a GORGEOUS highlighting shade. In the full face picture above, I actually have Shiro’s Fire Rainbow Clouds layered over GDE’s Tiny Unicorns for highlighter. It just gives this ethereal, unicorn-esque effect since there’s a blue shift to it. It does have larger pigment sizes, which means that it’ll look stunning and dramatic in pictures BUT it will also emphasize your pores & fine lines more than a more subtle highlight. I love it though, so I’m just highlighting away before the wrinkles catch up.





Darling Girl’s Pucker Paint – Unagi
Like all matte colours, this is a tad drying on the lips, but it’s really not bad. It doesn’t feel like your lips are going to crack. The formula is almost a MLBB shade, so it’s hard to tell when it fades. When it fades, it fades nicely though –it doesn’t crumble all over my face. It’s very buildable so you can easily reapply when it starts fading.

Hello Waffle – Millie
This is a very comfortable, glossy lipstick…but the downside is that it smudges and bleeds like crazy. I was definitely struggling to get crisp lines with this while swatching, and if you’re after crisp, defined lips, you’ll definitely need a lip liner. I end up not reaching it that often because of this. It does leave a pretty stain though, so what I prefer to do with it is to apply it, blot it, and just leave it on as a stain.




Glamour Doll Eyes Highlighter – Tiny Unicorns
This is a really gorgeous subtle golden highlighter. It’s hard to capture in pictures, but in real life, it just looks like a natural, radiant glow. It doesn’t look scary when you zoom in, but the down side is that it doesn’t gleam like high beams on camera, so the swatch pictures really don’t do it justice. If you’re looking for a highlighter that won’t highlight every pore, go check this one out.



Both the perfumes are from Solstice Scents and you can head here for my past reviews on this brand. As always, reviews are done blind until I write my final verdict.

Blossom Jam Tea Cakes
“Blossom Jam Tea Cakes features the mouthwatering aromas of Petit Fours filled with floral infused jams and preserves, enrobed in sweet fondant, warm southern tea cakes topped with a delicate lavender buttercream and a subtle waft of hot tea.”

Oooh…this really does smell like jam. There’s something green that’s not agreeing with my skin and turning into mushed grass, but the jam is keeping it in check. I’m also getting a black tea scent. Not the bitter “tea” scent that comes with perfume, it actually smells like a cup of English Breakfast tea. Coupled with the jam scent it smells like a really awesome fruity black tea.

10 min in, unfortunately, my skin is amping up the mushy grass scent. I can see where this scent is heading and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome on a lot of people, but on me, it’s just going mushy, sweet grass with something cool. The tea is totally overwhelmed and gone.

As it dries down, it’s sugary candy with mushed grass.

TL;DR: Sugary candy, hints of black tea, but mostly mushed grass.

Final Verdict: Use as room scent.

Overview: I’m not sure what’s causing the mushed grass scent, but I have to say, I’m impressed by that tea note. I wish there’s more of that.


“Cameo is a delicious gourmand fragrance blended with rose. Almond, rose, yellow cake, tonka bean absolute, coconut flakes, creamed ginger and a light top note of bitter green orange EO combine to create a sweet feminine floral.”

The first scent that hits my nose is this cherry cordial scent, mixed with that perfumed floral paper scent I always associate with old ladies’ living rooms that has too much lace.

It was strong, syrupy cherry cordial all the way until about 20-30 min in, when it starts calming down and mingling with the powdery old lady scent to become this powdery, artificial cherry scent that’s actually pretty good. Ok, I know “powdery, artificial cherry” doesn’t sound too appealing, but it leans more to a musky body lotion than kids’ toy, so it’s not that bad. It makes me think of my mom’s type of body lotions, so it’s definitely a more mature scent, but it does smell good. Just not for me.

TL;DR: Powdery cherry body lotion.

Final Verdict: Like

Overview: I would think the scent would be more creamy in a gourmand way with the yellow cake, tonka bean & coconut, but it’s not at all. It doesn’t even smell like something I’d want to eat. It’s more of a floral and powdery scent than something delicious.

The Femme Fatale team would like to thank Francesca so much for her time. You can read more of Francesca’s beauty reviews on her blog. You can also find her on Instagram.

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