Behind The Brand: Femme Fatale Cosmetics

This month we’re doing something we’ve not done before – looking into the person and story behind Femme Fatale.

Tell us about your brand’s backstory

5Well, FF launched in 2011 around Sept/Oct. Before that I had had a beauty blog, and was considering switching to YouTube makeup tutorials. I used to watch a lot of the older OG beautubers like Xsparkage and MakeupbyTiffanD. Xsparkage actually was the gateway into indie products for me – the first I tried was Medusa’s Makeup, then Shiro, Aromaleigh and a few others.
One of the other brands I bought from on Etsy turned out to be a repackager of TKB mica, and once I found that out I started learning more about it, which in turned led me to trying my own hand at making eyeshadows. Shortly after that I borrowed a small startup amount from my (amazingly supportive) dad and launched Femme Fatale. I used to work out of a converted trailer in our back yard, to make sure I had a clean spot out of my home to produce cosmetics out of.
Since then we have grown a lot, and now work out of a small warehouse in Moorooka Qld. I’d added a lot more products to my line, started a side business (Obscūrus, bath & body) and we also distribute several indie brands as well.



What is your brand best known for?

I think primarily duochrome eyeshadows; I notice people mention us the most for that on Reddit. However, the polish community seems a bit separate from the beauty community, so for their side I would say our polish haha (who could guess). I really love making duochrome eyeshadows, it’s what I have mostly made since I first opened; and it’s what I tend to buy for myself whenever I buy makeup too.
I also love having the ability to work with extra products, specifically our polish. I’m primarily influenced by literature, art and things that hold a lot of nostalgia for me from my childhood. I like the use of different mediums and being able to bring a story to life through colour and in a different format than it was originally told.



1What inspires you?

A lot! I think that’s pretty normal for anyone really though – there’s a lot of beauty in the world 🙂 However I’m very accustomed to working from set ideas that come from literature, art and things from my childhood (such as movies or books). I find it extremely difficult to work to set guidelines though, I definitely feel like I need to have a broad spectrum to work from initially before I can refine things down to a final collection. Some of my favourite inspirations have been the Enid Blyton Wishing Chair & Faraway series, RL Stine’s Goosebumps, C.S Lewis’ Narnia, and a few older sci-fi flicks like Total Recall & Dune.



What are your 3 favourite products that you’ve created, and why?

3Ugh this is hard 😦 I like almost everything that I’ve made. Sometimes after a while I might dislike something I have produced, and it’s because I realised I could have done it better. Usually though, the idea for improvement comes much later as to be useless, lol. Anyway! Ok. This one is difficult. First, I think the wax melts from Obscurus because I love how quick they are, but I can have a lot of fun with colour and fragrance. This means I can experiment a lot in a short amount of time, which is refreshing plus enjoyable! Second, from polish – I will pick a recent one because I have 5 years of polish making behind me which is a bit full on – I love Luckdragon from our NeverEnding Story Collection. It’s my perfect red satin with a touch of pink illusion and holo dust. It’s just perfect, rubine and rich.
Thirdly, Box of Butterflies eyeshadow. I can’t go past a purple with a green flash and this one is mesmerising!



What are your 3 best sellers?

Candied Apple eyeshadow, our Obscūrus Coven Whip, and although our polish colours are around for a short time only I’d say that this year our Enchanted Fables ‘Villains’ collection took the limelight, it was crazy popular! Can wait to see how our Princes release goes next year 😉



Favourite part of your job?

I really like a few things; I like doing the design stuff for our social media and newsletters, I love formulating new polish collections and picking themes and ideas for new colours, I also really have a passion for working with fragrance too! I’m very lucky I have something in which I can be creative across a lot of different areas.


How do you want you/your brand to be remembered?

Well, I hope we’re not going anywhere soon haha; but I hope we’re remembered for unique colours. I really try to set FF apart and enjoy putting together releases, and I hope that my passion and enjoyment translates through my products and colour stories.




And now, the fun bits…


If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

I’d like to fly! I think that would be amazing, there’s so many beautiful places on this planet I’d love to visit. I think flying around freely would be much more exciting that sitting on a plane for 16 hours haha.


What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Not much actually, I need to do the food shop this afternoon so it’s pretty bare. Maybe a few sad tomatoes and limp spring onions.


If you could time travel, would you go to the past or future?

Past, I’d want to see family members I’ve lost.


FF Code

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* Please note code applies to cosmetics & Obscurus only, and may exclude sale items and other promotions.




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